Today’s children’s shows suck

YBefore 2010, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were dropping some heat on their channels: “Tom and Jerry”, “Drake and Josh”, “Kim Possible” and “Danny Phantom”. Shows like these shaped our futures, from revealing subtle truths about life to giving us a few extra jokes to laugh at during school.

Recently, the quality of children’s TV shows has began to deteriorate. “Spongebob Squarepants” was once the prime example of children’s television. It may still be running, but the episodes lack the same humor, sarcasm and references that would only be funny to an older audience. The only reason to keep the show going is to preserve the memories of teenagers who grew up watching the show, and for the legacy of the late Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the show.

The list does not stop there, however. “Ben 10”, “Kim Possible” and “Teen Titans” have all  been tainted by filth remakes. The absolute awesomeness of “Ben 10” that carried on for three different series cannot be found in the childish reboot series. Disney Channel has a live-action remake of “Kim Possible” in the works. We already know that’s going to suck. But don’t forget possibly the biggest glo-down of all time: “Teen Titans Go”. Although the show might be funny, the original was the epitome of DC cinema and should not have been defaced by such garbage. The original series, even during its short run time, displayed incredible character development, and intense plot, and compelling villains. In contrast, Batman rides a Bat-Scooter in the “Teen Titans Go” movie.

Not all shows after 2010 were absolute rubbish, though. “Adventure Time” was a first tier show with psychedelic weirdness alongside an unbreakable friendship between the two beloved main characters. “Regular Show” was another top tier show of the 2010’s, along with “The Amazing World of Gumball”. Gumball contained a very dry sense of humor that was surprisingly intelligent for the concept of the show with most of the jokes being subtle criticisms on human nature and society.

Thankfully, the definitive god-tier number one best show of all time, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, was not defiled by a second-tier remake. Nickelodeon did make a follow up series focusing on the next Avatar, Korra, but it was actually quite a good continuation of the original. Not to say it was nearly as good as the original, though, Avatar Aang is the greatest of all time.  

At this point, one may be asking themselves, “Why does this matter?” Attention must be drawn to the atrocities that are shown to millions of developing children worldwide. These children are the future of our society.

I once watched as a child was brought to tears because there was syrup on his plate and he couldn’t clean it. Such behavior is no fault of the child himself, but rather because of the shows he watches at home. At this point, it’s practically hopeless to do anything about it, the only solution would be to cancel all children’s TV shows that are still running, or only run past episodes. If we want real change, we may even have to boycott all television programs until they start airing more reruns of “Drake and Josh”, or at least put it on Netflix.

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