We must accept wildlife

Every few months, we hear reports of mountain lions walking through people’s backyards and coyotes strolling down the street. Naturally, we panic. Such a close encounter with a dangerous animal is frightening. We realize that we are constantly at risk of running into one of the predators in our daily lives. But, this should not be surprising, and we should not sit around thinking of ways to handle this “problem.”

We built our homes and schools in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains. Our mascot is a Panther because we live in an area where mountain lions are very common. As we take away more and more of their natural home, we should not be surprised that they are forced to enter our territory.

When a mountain lion jumps the fence into your backyard, the animal is not the problem. We must recognize that we have created the problem, and we are responsible for ensuring the safety of these animals that have been the victims of our expansion.

Of course, it is scary to see a mountain lion standing just feet away from you. I would probably forget all protocol and just run the opposite direction.

Just as we have with earthquakes and wildfires, we need to take precautions to ensure our own safety as well as the animals. Wildlife is something we cannot get rid of, and living in the middle of a mountain range, we must understand that it is as much their home as it is ours. We need to create an environment where both the animals and humans are safe.

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