What is the hype around HOCO?

Homecoming is just around the corner, and while some people cannot wait, others have decided to stay home.

Some people enjoy going to homecoming solely to get dressed up and take #nphshoco2017 pictures that will be posted on social media first thing the next day.  Others find excitement through the football games beforehand, in the Panther Pit.  To most students homecoming is a way to jump into the school year in a spirited and fun way.

Dana Archer, senior, doesn’t consider herself  a school spirited person, but last year she decided to go to the homecoming football game for the first time.

“I was actually really surprised how fun the (football games) were, and since then I have been going to them,” Archer said.  

Archer  has never gone to homecoming, but this year will be her first time going because she does not want to “regret not going.” Archer does not like the crowds and sweat that comes with dances, but feels obligated to go since it will be her last chance.

Hannah Neiyer, junior, loves homecoming, because she gets to spend time with friends.

“I think that homecoming is just a fun way to forget about school for a few hours and be in the moment,” Neiyer said.

Neiyer describes herself as a school-spirited person, and sees herself going to all the dances this year.

While the pictures of homecoming may swarm over your social media, if getting sweaty while dancing is not your thing, you are not alone. There are many students who do not go to homecoming, all with their own reasons. Many hate feeling claustrophobic in the massive crowds, feeling like they will get smashed at any moment. The sweaty backs pushing against you as you try to back your way out of the huge clump of people is a scary experience for many.

For Akimi Johnson, senior, this is the case. Johnson has gone in the past, and says though she enjoyed being with her friends, she did not enjoy the experience. In addition to the crowds, Johnson chose not to go, as the ticket and outfit for the dance can be expensive.

Although the homecoming dance may not be for everyone, it still kicks off the year with high levels of spirit. Even students who are not the most school-spirited still do not want to miss out on anything.

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