Zombie Run shocks audiences

As you walk on to campus on Oct. 22, screams filled the cool air. You were led with a small group away into the PAC where you are given instructions: find the cure to the zombie apocalypse. This was the zombie run.

What began as a bit of Halloween fun four years ago, turned into an annual event put on by the NPHS Theater department.

“There were publicity issues in the past,” Kathryn Schroeder, the senior in charge of putting on the zombie run said. “But this year we are going to improve on everything.”

Though Schroeder and Ashley Berreth, the head of the design team, found flaws in the zombie runs in years past, they worked hard towards preventing those issues from reoccurring.

“In the past, they focused on jump scares,” Berreth said. “This year, there are going to be a lot more of things rather than ‘boo’”.

Schroeder explained that the zombie run this year focused more on interactive scenes rather than running people through the course as fast as possible.

The ideas of scenes were well received. Madison Kasper, junior, ran through the zombie run. “I really liked the doctor scene and how she explained to us what was happening, and how they kept us in the loop the whole way through,” she said. “It had a whole storyline and that was cool!”

The seniors put in all of their extra time towards putting this event on.

“We honestly think it is going to be possibly the best one,” Berreth said. “This is both of our senior years and this is quite possibly the last zombie run because it’s more of an upper classman kind of thing.”

In total, Berreth and Schroeder put about a month’s worth of effort towards this event before the Saturday event.

“It’s one big collaboration between a big group of people,” Schroeder said.

Both Schroeder and Berreth were looking forward to Oct 22 when they finally were able to see their hard work pay off.

“We are the theater department on campus.  We are going to put on a show for people that they can actually be a part of,” Schroeder said.

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