5 year old fatally shot by teenager making video

In Minnesota on Nov. 25, Thanksgiving Day, a 5-year-old was fatally shot by a 13-year-old who was making a video for social media. 

A group of four or five teenagers had found a gun, and attempted to make a video for social media using the weapon inside the garage of the home. At some point during the video, the thirteen year old shot the gun. The Brooklyn Police Department determined that this shooting was an accident, not an intentional action.

The parents were in the house as this situation took place, and police still are not sure how these teenagers came across the weapon, and whether or not anyone was supervising them when they were making the video, although they do know that the parents were in another room.

Although this was deemed an accident, the child who shot the gun has been arrested and is being held in a juvenile detention center, possibly facing manslaughter charges and the parents are possibly facing negligence charges. 

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