Bloomberg is out of touch with the Democratic party

Former New York City mayor Micheal Bloomberg is just another power hungry billionaire who wants to become president. The Democratic party needs to make a statement that they are the party of the people if they wish to beat Donald Trump and to have a billionaire as their nomination would undermine their message. 

Bloomberg is the latest candidate to enter the Democratic nomination process for president. However, Bloomberg represents the old Democratic party, one that like the republican party favored rich elitists who had their political careers served on a silver platter. Micheal Bloomberg is like the stereotypical superrich supervillain that wears a monocle, and swoops down and attacks when he senses a power vacuum.

The reason so many fellow Democratic front runners are upset over the Bloomberg bid is not just who he is, but how Bloomberg is trying to win. Bloomberg is suspected to skip the early contests and resort immediately toward a brokered convention, a scenario in which no candidate has received a majority of the delegates. This means that the delegates for lower tier candidates become unpledged, and the candidates contesting will try and persuade as many delegates to come support themself. Therefore, the whole nomination would be decided by only a handful of delegates, which undermines the Democratic process set in place for elections. Based on those undemocratic principles alone, the Democrats must come together to resoundly defeat Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is out of touch with the Democratic party’s younger and more left-leaning wing, and as young voters are once again expected to be a key voter bloc with an expected high voter turnout, the Democrats need a candidate who can excite the younger voting base. Put simply, Bloomberg is not that person. The Democrats should not elect somebody out of fear.

One of the more controversial stances that Bloomberg has taken was the stop and frisk policy that he implemented during his tenure as mayor of New York, which disproportionately affected Black americans. Moreover, Bloomberg was endorsed by another entitled mayor during his run for mayor of New York, Rudy Guiliani. It is important to remember that Bloomberg’s party affiliation change frequently, he was a Democrat, then ran as a Republican, and then last year he switched back to the Democratic party.

Bloomberg is another wishy-washy elitist moderate who does not stand a chance in today’s politics.

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