Boys’ Volleyball slaps their way into the new season

The grind never stops for our Boys’ Volleyball team. As soon as the last school bell rings, the nets come up and the gym comes alive with the slaps of volleyballs flying around the court. 

After winning league champions last year, the team is chasing that glory again. The team believes they have the talent and experience to do so, but their ambitions go even farther, expecting to compete at an even higher level.

“I also strongly believe that we can defeat many of the top high school teams in SoCal and even the nation. Our players, coaches, and all our supporters are definitely some of the best around and it’s amazing to be a part of,” Luke Benson, junior, said.

The team is going into the season with their confidence running high. After winning the league championships, the boys hope to go far in CIF as well. Practices are run “at a very high level,” according to Benson, helping the players hone their strengths and refine their weaknesses. 

“Our strengths are definitely attacking, we can put a ball away no problem. As for weaknesses, sometimes our passing can be off, which just starts small unforced errors,” Huntley Bensink, senior, said.

With help from their coach, Jorge Ostrovsky, Bensink and the others slowly piece together their game, implementing small changes and new information to improve in every way they can. “We are all working 110% in practice constantly preparing for the season,” Bensink said.

Outside of league matches, the team also participates in tournaments to have more experience in match play, putting together everything they work on at practice. After claiming first place in their last tournament, the players are roaring into the next, ready to plow through every team coming their way.

“[We participate in] tournaments that expose us to some difficult teams that show us what we need to work on. Along with this, we are proving to ourselves that we can play with the best of the best and hope to make a deep run in the playoffs,” Dean Magnante, senior, said. 

With a preseason record of 3-1 and another tournament today, things are looking up for the boys. “As long as we play our game and keep our intensity up, this team has a lot of potential,” Magnante said.