Congress should expel Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a highly controversial member of the House of Representatives for the 14th district in Georgia. Since the beginning of her role in Congress in January of last year, Greene has been a constant name in the media. Greene is famous for her belief that the Parkland shooting was a hoax, that lasers shot down from space by Jewish people caused the California wildfires, and her association with the conspiracy group/cult QAnon. Suffice to say, Greene likes to associate herself with controversy and fiction displayed as fact.

Greene has recently found herself embroiled in trouble once again. Greene and fellow congress member Paul A. Gosar attended a white nationalist event in Florida hosted by Nicholes Fuentes, a known white nationalist anti-semite. During the event, Fuentes encouraged the Russian invasion of Ukraine via chants. Then he made favorable comparisons between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler. Greene was in attendance during the whole event as a “special guest.” When questioned on it, Greene denied knowledge of Fuentes’ political ideologies.

However, Greene did not stop there, as just four days later during President Biden’s state of the Union, Greene and congress member Lauren Boebert were heckling various parts of his speech. During President Biden’s discussion, Greene repeatedly chanted “Build the Wall,” a phrase former President Trump used to describe his anti-immigration policies and views.

Greene’s firm stance for the Republican Party and pure hatred for the Democratic party have always come first, before any other matter. Before her election to the House, Greene publicly supported the idea of executing prominent members of the Democratic Party. Greene consistently compares minor problems or things she dislikes to the Nazi practices, such as the mask mandates. Greene puts her personal beliefs before the people she is representing. Greene is constantly opposing anything a democratic or liberal person does and having the opposite opinion for the sake of being against them. She makes apolitical topics into political topics just because a Democrat supports them. Greene is constantly putting her agenda before the needs of the people.

Greene is not doing the job she should be doing. While Congress removed her from her new position on the labor and education committee and censured her, nothing came of it. Congress should take severe actions against her. She is a danger to the public’s health, constantly spreading misinformation. She should lose her position in Congress and never hold public office.