Freshmen officers fill the class of 2025 board

On Oct. 4, Ahana Bhunia, Aleesa Iqbal, Shea Grohs and Nicholas Durbiano, all freshmen, were elected onto the Class of 2025 board. All four class officers ran unopposed and are concurrently in the NPHS ASG.

Bhunia, president, feels empowered by her position. “My responsibility is to oversee all the fundraisers and the events and activities that we plan,” Bhunia said. “For freshman year, our main goal is just fundraising and raising money for like, things like prom and all the events that lead up to senior year.”
Iqbal, vice president, is excited to step into her new role. “My main goal will be to help the school become even better than it already is and basically just help assist the president in anything that she needs, helping her to lead our school to success,” Iqbal said. “Even though I’ve only been here for a short time, I feel like I already know so much about this school and I know so many new people that I’m excited to help lead.”

Grohs, secretary, sees many responsibilities in her position. “As secretary, what I’m really doing is helping the students get their voices represented,” Grohs said, encouraging all freshmen to be involved at school. “If you’re thinking about joining the school anything, you know, the sports, or the clubs, or anything that you can help the school with, I think it’s a really good idea.”
Durbiano, treasurer, outlined the future plans of the board in the next coming years. “For next years, it’s a little more fundraising, and then we’re actually getting into planning awesome events,”

Durbiano said. “We are all spirited, and we all care about this school a lot.”
The new board has high hopes for the future and is working diligently for the Class of 2025. “The board is great, honestly,” Bhunia said. “We’re all really hardworking, and we all work really well together.”

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