Geocaching inspires adventures

The wind leans on the bushes as I wander down the path, I check my map and begin to search for a small box, hidden creatively in plain sight. I am geocaching. For me, few activities now offer motivation to exercise or a safe way to go outside, but geocaching provides both.

What is a geocache? It’s a container hidden in a public space with a piece of paper inside it for geocachers who find it to sign. You can find the coordinates of geocaches by going to the website or using their app. 

There are a lot of reasons I love geocaching. First, it is great exercise. From hiking on trails to riding my bike around my community, it gives me a reason to go outside and exercise. Second, there’s this terrific feeling of exploration and excitement that comes from searching for a stealthily hidden treasure. Some containers I have found include a small magnetic bolt at the bottom of a fence, a rubber piece of steak and a removable fence post cap with a discreet handle. There are some cachers renowned for hiding intensely challenging caches and others known for leaving worthwhile treasures, and even some known for their cryptic descriptions and messages, giving their finds and hides an air of fantastic mystery. 

There has never been a better time to get into geocaching. It’s been around for 20 years, and this means you can find secrets hidden from the general public for over 20 years. There are 20 years of culture to dive into and 20 years of innovation and constant creativity to participate in! Due to the pandemic, there are not many safe outdoor physical activities, but this happens to be one. Geocaches, especially on hiking trails, have very few people, if any, nearby. Geocaching has never been more accessible or beneficial. 

Geocaching has created many memorable moments for me, and I’ve only just gotten into it. Every time I set out to find a cache, whether I succeed or not, I come home with another story. It can add an element of interest to the dullest of days and gives you an opportunity to adventure.

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