Girls’ Basketball claims a win streak

Making history, Newbury Park High School’s girls’ basketball team has accomplished a 20-game winning streak. Through hard work and perseverance, the team has made a renowned comeback where they have acquired an outstanding winning streak, with the team averaging 56.3 points per game.

Kierabella Coletta-Todd, junior, has been a part of the girls’ basketball team for two years. She values the hard work that the team has put into account for their wins. “Many of us did a lot of work over the off season to prepare ourselves for this coming season. I think knowing that last year was a hard year for us, we were really determined on changing the outcome this year,” Coletta-Todd said.

Kimiko Carmer, junior, has been a part of the basketball team since her freshman year. She views the success of the team as due to the bonds built among the players. “The team’s chemistry definitely contributes to the team having so many wins. Everyone gets along well and we all like playing with each other,” Carmer said.
The surge of victories has made an enthusiastic atmosphere for the team to continue working and winning throughout the season. “Our energy has also led us to having so many wins and we all push each other to do well,” Carmer said.

Melanie Masson, head coach for JV and Varsity assistant coach, played basketball for 14 years before she began her journey as a coach. “My main role/job is to teach any student that comes through the program how to be a better and more confident version of themselves by giving and teaching them tools that they can hopefully use in the future to help navigate through any situation they’ll face,” Masson said.

Skylar Komatsu, sophomore, fell in love with the sport at an early age. The buildup of the victories has formed a bond between the teammates creating a positive and supportive spirit. “We started to build more team chemistry and played more as a team than individuals,” Komatsu said.

The teammates, now playing with each other for their second year, have grown closer allowing them to play as one. “We know each other much better, making playing with each other much easier. There are a variety of skills, some are better at defense, shooting, driving, making everyone be able to contribute,” Greta Heath, sophomore, said.

The work the players put in and their dedication to growing as a team resulted in an incredible winning streak. “It feels great to have won all these games that we have. No one expected us to be as good as we are now and I’m proud of how far we’ve come,” Coletta-Todd said.