Juniors hunt for treasure in student-organized event

Driven by the promise of glory and students who have had their license for over a year, a group of students gathered on  February 16th to complete a student organized scavenger hunt.

“I would describe it as just like going from place to place, having fun, completing activities and solving riddles”, Brian Fang, junior, said. Organizing the event all on his own, Fang put together a scavenger hunt peppered with various tasks. Some of these included taking photos at several iconic spots around Newbury Park, along with some tougher goals on the opposite side of The Grade.

“The hardest challenge is probably Paradise Falls and then after that would probably be the bowling,” Kyle Reusch, junior, said. “Getting two strikes (in Harley bowling alley) was tough, especially since they said we were too old to use the bumpers..”

A hike to Paradise Falls, a run through Golf n’ Stuff and a challenge to get 2 strikes in a round of bowling were only a few of the challenges included in the hunt. However, at the beginning of the afternoon before the big hike, bowling and mini golf, a string of challenges required a more mental rather than physical intelligence. “My favorite part had to be deciphering all the clues. It was pretty fun, it made me feel like Sherlock Holmes,” Kyle Yasui, junior, said.

The reward for passing such trials was a set of tickets to see Black Panther in theaters. Aaron Cramer, junior, was really excited to see his team win the hunt, even if by a couple minutes “We are the champions,” Cramer said.

The hunt ended with a special order in a Chick-fil-A drive through where each team had to read off a set of favorite foods from popular fictional characters like Harry Potter and Spongebob Squarepants. “They went to Chick-fil-A and I got the worker to help out,” Fang said. “I thought that was really cool”. Despite having masterminded the hunt almost entirely on his own, Fang couldn’t have done it without some help. “You’ll just run into a lot of nice people who will help you out, which is really cool,” Fang said.

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