Letter from the Editors

We have been through some of the most tumultuous and chaotic times in recent history, yet through it all, we at the Panther Prowler have been hard at work reporting the news; elevating marginalized voices. As editors-in-chief, we are immensely proud of all the work our staff has done despite all of the roadblocks. The Prowler will always cover the issues that relate to our student body.

So much has happened just in the last six weeks and we’ve done our best to report on all happenings truly and accurately. The Supreme Court began attacking Women’s reproductive rights, having decided to overturn Roe v. Wade. Take the time to read our staff editorial on this critical issue on page 4.

The Panther Prowler is excited to share the paths of the senior class of 2022. On page 6, learn about some of the unique career paths that will be taken by NPHS alumni. Our highly anticipated senior map can be found on pages 11-13, showing the different schools’ graduating Panthers will attend from coast to coast– and even a few overseas.

Since its creation, the special edition magazine has been an opportunity to tackle an important issue. For our ninth annual edition, we did not stray away from a harsh reality young adults are familiar with, and many face themselves. Our cover story, found on pages 14-17, focuses on the addictive effects of vaping and its consequences on students’ health. This is not a comfortable topic for everyone, but we cannot deny the fact that this is a prevalent issue in our school community.

We dedicated pages 18-19 to Marc Lion, a beloved NPHS English teacher who passed away this April after a battle with cancer. The Newbury Park community will remember Mr. Lion for his love of teaching, dimpled smile and quick jokes that made everyone feel welcomed.

With the easing of COVID restrictions throughout the last year, our community has had the chance to hold events that were long overdue. Friends and family gathered on May 7 in memory of Courtney Brousseau, former 2014-2015 editor-in-chief and NPHS alumni, two years after his passing. Read more about his celebration of life on page 20.
We can not thank our staff enough. Despite often asking a lot from them, our staff has constantly delivered and impressed us with their work, effort and dedication. We hope you enjoy our final publication and continue to support the Prowler in our mission of reporting the truth to our school and extended community.