Los Robles partnership vaccinates teachers

CVUSD joined forces with Los Robles hospital to get COVID-19 shots into staff’s arms. “The school district partnered with Los Robles hospital, and the Ventura County Department of Public Health to set up a clinic for CVUSD employees,” Jenny Fitzgerald, school board president, said. “Employees are able to go in line and reserve the time to go in and either their first or second dose of the vaccine.” Despite the elementary schools opening in November, the 125 on-campus staff members who signed up for the clinic were vaccinated on March 13. 

In order to continue with reopening, it is vital for everyone working on campus to be vaccinated. “I think it’s crucial we get as many people who want to be vaccinated as possible and that we encourage folks to get vaccinated, ” Fitzgerald said.  “Our district is open to the capacity that it can be open… given the restrictions or on social distancing because that’s really the piece that limits how many people can be on campus at the same time.” 

Looking ahead, a vaccinated staff could lead to some modifications to in-person education.  “There is a second shot that most will have to get.  We are getting additional guidance daily regarding what the requirements are after one receives the vaccine, including relaxation of some mask and space requirements,” Victor Hayek, deputy superintendent, said. “This should help us in the continued in-person instruction plan we put forth, and in planning for next year.”

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