Microchip demands are at an all time high

Computer chips are everywhere. With the influx of electronics in the 21st century, the demand for electronic chips has skyrocketed. Due to the pandemic, microchip factories are struggling to keep up with demands. These chips control processes such as water plants, powerlines, and even your Wifi router.

A computer chip is defined as a series of electronic circuits printed on a conducting material, usually silicon is used for this job. They form building blocks within the electronic appliance in order for it to run.

The Washington Post explains how despite requiring few materials, chips are hard to make as, “specks of dust, temperature spikes and even static electricity can damage the intricate workings of semiconductors,” Gerrit De Vynck said. This is the reason why companies cannot just “make more” chips.

With the pandemic shutting down the economy in 2020, car factories and other producers for electronics began to order chips and cut back on production. However, as people begin to work from home, money is being put towards computers.

With the demand for more electronics increasing, companies will have a hard time keeping up as the Washington Post has outlined. “The shortage could last for a while, partly because of how long it takes to get new fabs(chip factories) online, but also because demand probably won’t slow down, especially as economic activity picks up again through 2021.”