“Murderville” slays audiences

On Feb. 3, Netflix released the six episode comedy improv series, “Murderville,” which follows the structure of a murder mystery, but is clearly played as a joke. The show’s recurring host, Detective Terry Seattle, is brilliantly played by Will Arnett as he searches for a new investigative partner among a slew of treasured comedians and celebrities as the special guests each episode. The hook is that everyone is given a script except for the episode’s special guest who must solve the mystery in real time.

Audiences, especially those who are fans of comedy, will find it easy to binge the show as it features names such as Conan O’Brien, Kumali Nanjiani and Ken Jeong. These celebrities and more are able to use their top notch improv skills to bring the show to life. Viewers will also find the show to be an interactive experience. When the murder and evidence are revealed to the special guest, the audience receives the information at the same time which allows them to try and solve the mystery from the comfort of their own couch. As Arnett and the guest visit the suspects, typically three in each episode, every scene is a clear and unique bit. The equally amusing script and improv make for non-stop laughs and pure entertainment.

Usually dependent on the celebrity, it is clear that some episodes are stronger than others. The episode featuring Annie Murphy, most commonly known as Alexis from “Schitt’s Creek,” as an undercover gangster to infiltrate the inner circle of Vinnie “the Fork” is evidently stronger than Sharon Stone’s episode which finds her in the midst of a surgical murder. Although the unscripted aspect is the heart of the show, it is also a risk for the scenes to drag on more than one would like. While the actors are in their element and clearly having fun, the audience may find moments where it’s tempting to go on their phone during the long-running bits between Arnett, the celebrity guest and the suspect.

Albeit there are flaws, as there are with any show, this series commemorates the true talent and entertainment of improv. With his notorious gravelly voice, Arnett is a gem in the comedy industry and Murderville further proves this fact. It is goofy, laid back, and a refreshing show to turn on no matter what mood you find yourself in. For audiences who are fans of comedy, iconic celebrities breaking character, solving mysteries and constant laughing, Murderville is the perfect choice for the next Netflix binge.