Music Corner

Kai Mekari/Prowler

Continuing the journey of reclaiming her albums from Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift rereleased her “1989” album titled, “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” following months of anticipation and excitement. The album contains all the classics and five new songs from the vault.

As I write this article, my leg is tapping to the rhythm of “Suburban Legends” which is blasting out of my airpods at much too high of a volume. I start with “Suburban Legends” because it is the fifth and final vault track on the album and it perfectly embodies the skill that Swift is so talented at: story telling. “Suburban Legends” is the classic story in which small town residents eventually outgrow their town and move onto a greater stage of their life. The beat of the song resembles that slightly anxious heartbeat that gets faster and faster and leads into the catchy chorus and falls back down into the next verse.

Other vault tracks such as “Is It Over Now?”, “Now That We Don’t Talk”, and “Say Don’t Go”, which is my personal favorite, are allegedly about Swift’s former relationship with popular singer Harry Styles back in 2013 and have gained much popularity through the subtlety of her lyrics and slight allusions and hints at her breakup with Styles. Other than listening to her music, a Swiftie’s favorite thing to do is overanalyze her music and Swift has set her fans up for a long journey of finding and discovering more clues that connect to her life within this album.

My favorite song on the album, “I Know Places’’ was rereleased just like the other original songs on the album, but it is not just the sweet sound of Taylor actually owning her albums that appeals to everyone. Her re-releases are truly better versions of her songs ( there are some exceptions, but I do think that the criticisms on the intro to Style are not valid since everyone is just used to the softer music in the beginning… I digress) with her mature voice and slight differences in the chorus or verses that represent her music journey. Perhaps I have a biased point of view since I would do anything for her but nonetheless, Taylor you have done it again, I have not stopped listening since Oct. 27.