Music Corner

On Nov. 12, the highly anticipated album, “An Evening with Silk Sonic’’ was released and enchanted fans of all styles of music. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are already powerhouse names by themselves, and with their diverse experiences in the music industry, they have created an unstoppable duo known as Silk Sonic. The album seamlessly covers genres of R&B, pop, funk and soul while maintaining a consistent and recognizable sound throughout its nine songs. To no surprise, a fan favorite single is track no. 5, “Smokin Out the Window.” Besides its groovy intimate beat, the lyrics are genuinely humorous. In the very first verse, .Paak passionately sings, “Got her…kids runnin’ ‘round my whole crib like it’s Chuck E. Cheese,” as Mars howls adlibs in response. Almost every song is a love letter to 70s funk, and the artists aren’t trying to hide it. They feature Boosty Collins, a bassist of the retro era whose driving baselines are unmissable. To put it simply, Mars’ and .Paak’s vocal performances and musical creativity never fail to impress audiences. The album is fun, soulful, animated and makes for an entertaining 31 minutes. 2021 has been filled with amazing albums by various artists, but “An Evening with Silk Sonic” may be the one to become a classic.