Music Corner – Issue 2

Legendary guitarist and co-founder of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, passed away on Oct. 6 after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

The musician was one of the most innovative and deeply talented individuals music has ever seen, and his influence on rock and roll will inarguably stand the test of time. Van Halen revolutionized the tapping technique and paved the way for countless guitarists after him with his grit and devotion to his craft. 

“Music kept me off the streets and out of trouble and gave me something that was mine, that no one could take away from me,” Van Halen said. Eddie Van Halen was a rock star, no doubt about it, and his name will forever be etched in history. But much more importantly, he lived and breathed music. “Rock stars come and go. Musicians play until they die.”

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