Music Corner Issue 3

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac has been soaring in popularity among younger audiences thanks to a recent video by Nathan Apodaca, in which he listened to the song while skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice. In honor of this resurgence of Fleetwood Mac, here is a brief review of their smash-hit 1977 album “Rumours.”

The record was largely inspired by tumultuous romantic relationships within the band. Standout track “Go Your Own Way” was actually written by lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham about vocalist Stevie Nicks. “You Make Loving Fun,” written by keyboardist Christine Mcvie, was about a love affair that she had with the band’s lighting director. “The Chain”, a song majorly adored by fans, was the only track that all members collaborated on writing. Overall, this tension and intense songwriting makes for a more immersive listening experience, and helps tell the real-life stories behind the songs in an effective way.

With personal struggle often comes creative direction, and musically, the record is timeless. Personally, it brings back memories of days in the car with my parents when this album was one of the six CD’s loaded into it. It’s no wonder every song is revered by lifelong and recent fans alike, considering its ability to both evoke positive memories and create new ones. If there is one classic album you check out this month, let it be Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.”

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