Nancy Pelosi’s husband attacked in residence

Paul Pelosi, husband of the United States Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was attacked in his own home late last month. Paul awoke in the early hours on the morning of Oct. 28 to a man with a hammer inquiring about Paul’s wife. When the assailant became aware of the fact that Nancy Pelosi would not return to the residence for several days, he began to reveal his original intentions to Paul.

David DePape, a 42 year old male, was later identified as the intruder. In an interrogation with the San Francisco Police Department, DePape stated his motive behind his intrusion of the Pelosi household. DePape believed that Nancy Pelosi was one of the most important people behind the ‘lies of the Democratic Party.’ He intruded the Pelosi residence with the intention to threaten Nancy Pelosi with a hammer and force her to tell the truth otherwise he was going to break her kneecaps.

Whilst the intruder was inside his bedroom, Paul was able to dial 911, which alerted nearby San Francisco Police officers to pay a visit to the residence. When DePape learned that the police were making their way towards the house, he became outraged. Paul, in fear for his life, grabbed onto the hammer that DePape was holding, beginning a struggle between the two men that lasted until two police officers showed up in the bedroom. When DePape was ordered to drop the hammer, he grabbed control of the hammer and struck Paul in the head, knocking him unconscious.

DePape was then arrested and taken into custody by the San Francisco Police Department. He has been charged with attempted murder, one count of assault of an immediate family member of a United States official, and attempted kidnapping. The assault charge carries out a maximum sentence of 30 years and the attempted kidnapping charge could result in a maximum sentence of 20 years in state prison. After the court proceedings have been finalized, DePape could be looking at a possible 50 years in prison as a direct consequence of his actions against Paul.