Náti: A Newbury Park success story

Stores have come and gone at The Village in Dos Vientos, a quaint retail center featuring a market, pre-school, and coffee house. However, one success story is Náti Boutique, which has not only thrived there for three years but has expanded to an additional store in Malibu.

When her kids were young, Newbury Park mother Anat Winston would sell her items at local beauty parlors before she decided to make the move and establish her own store in Dos Vientos.

“Náti is a clothing boutique for girls and women of all ages,” described Ciara O’Neill, junior at NPHS and sales representative at Náti. “It follows the trends and keeps the prices affordable, which is great for those of us who are ‘ballin’ on a budget!’”

Newbury Park students are frequent shoppers and supporters of this local business, and some students are employed there.

Since I first started at Náti in August [of] 2014, during every shift I have worked, someone that I know has stopped by,” said Brooke Best, senior and Náti sales representative. “A lot of them are NPHS students. I actually love when people that I know come in and shop.”

On the review website, Yelp, Náti customers describe the clothing  as “multi-generational”, “comfy”, and “casual”.

Best says, “90% of my closet is Náti clothing. It’s hard being surrounded by cute clothes for hours on hours and not buying everything. Everything we sell is super soft and comfy. I love all of it!”

“The Dos Vientos store has been such a success and now she’s got another store in Malibu. I just think it’s kind of a great story because a lot of the time you think ‘Oh, I can’t do that,’” said Marsha Guarino, Winston’s friend and first employee, “She’s just a regular mom in the neighborhood who wanted to do it and did it! Plus she works hard. That’s the important thing, you have to work hard.”

Inventory at Náti changes weekly so whenever you stop by you’ll find something new. “Náti has a great atmosphere and interesting people who come in and shop,” O’Neill said. “It’s always so fun talking to and meeting new people from around the community!”

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