New sports spring into season

As the weather turns warmer and AP tests get closer, new sports are coming into season. These athletes have begun training for this year’s season, and they are ready to take on the competition. Read on to see what STUNT, boys’ swim, girls’ lacrosse, boys’ tennis, softball and girls’ sand volleyball are up to as they prepare for their first games.


Camille Lee, junior, jumps to hit the ball while Simone Overbeck, senior (not pictured), attempts to block. Lee and Overbeck are partners for this season and are ready to compete. “I’m most excited about being partners with my best friend and playing our hearts out to finish out my senior year strong and have a ton of fun in the process,” Overbeck said. Overbeck has played for the NPHS sand volleyball team for two years. Jessica Zhou/Prowler


Justin Copeland, freshman, swims at the annual Black and Gold intersquad meet on Feb. 26. Declan Debler, junior, enjoys watching his teammates race. “It’s cool swimming with my friends (and) it’s fun to see people win,” Debler said. The team is using the new pool, so there are more swimmers and more opportunities for team bonding. Sarah Lu/Prowler


In a drill at practice, Maile Kuo, junior, practices moving quickly across the field in a move called “fast break.” Kuo is a midfielder on the varsity girls’ lacrosse team, and has been since freshman year. “My favorite part about lacrosse is finding new ways to improve my game, physically and mentally,” Kuo said. This year, the team is working to win Marmonte League and make it to the playoffs. Emily Nagamoto/Prowler


Practicing for their first game of the season, Cori Galante, senior, poses in an arabesque while Aubrey Bradish, Elaine Panico, and Olivia Nerland, all seniors, support her leg. Galanti has been on the STUNT team since it started her sophomore year, and this year, she says the team is very focused on their goals. “We really want to win league, we really want to beat Westlake,” Galanti said. “Last year we tied with them for first place for league, so beating Westlake is our goal.” Their first game was on March 6 in the gym, and anyone can watch. Emily Nagamoto/Prowler


Olivia Luby, junior, takes a breath while swimming breaststroke during the 200 Individual Medley at the Black and Gold intersquad meet on Feb. 26. The Black and Gold meet is used to help get swimmers in the mood of swim season, as well as to get to know the new people on the team. “Swimming is both individual and a team sport: in a race, you get to be the only one in control of your outcome. But you also get the support of a team that cheers you on and helps you get through tough times,” Victoria Dzieciol, a senior captain, said. The team has not had any League meets yet, but they are optimistic for the season. Sarah Lu/Prowler

Brooke Merrill, senior, starts off running on the track to practice for the upcoming season. Merrill specializes in mid-distance running and jumping. “Usually you don’t figure that out until the end of the season, and it’s really exciting to see a person figure out what they excel in,” Merrill said. This year, there have been some changes to staff. The track and field team has a new high jump coach, as well as a completely new sprinting and hurdling staff. Sarah Lu/Prowler


Leonard Zhu, sophomore jumps up to spike the ball during a practice. The team aspect of volleyball is very important. Zhu has been playing volleyball since seventh grade, and loves that aspect of the game. “It’s really nice to have your guys like behind you at all times,” Zhu said. “If you make a mistake, they’ll always cheer you up and help you get better too.” The team’s coach, Jorge Ostrovsky, has been undefeated throughout his time coaching. This season will be the last year Ostrovsky coaches, so the team hopes to go undefeated again to carry the victory home. Emily Nagamoto/Prowler


Braden Handy, senior, swings his club during a golf tournament at Sunset Country Club. The goals for the golf team this year are to improve as a team and build chemistry for next year. “It’s a fun sport and you also get to meet new people and build connections with them,” Umang Patel, sophomore, said. The team has some very experienced players and very good freshmen, which Patel believes can help the team beat both Thousand Oaks and Westlake. Sally Lee/Pawprint


Scott Nagatoshi, senior, vaults on his pole, over the bar during practice, preparing for the first meet of the year for boys’ track and field. Teammate Mikkel Nagorsen, junior, is looking forward to the upcoming season, hoping to up his game. “Beating my PR would be cool,” Nagorsen said. “(Pole vault) is challenging and the people are fun, (my favorite part are) league meets because those are fun.” Their next meet is against Calabasas at NPHS, March 21. Emily Nagamoto/Prowler


Max Flame, junior, pitches the ball during a baseball game on Feb. 23 against Hart. While baseball focuses on individual skill sets, the sport is still very team oriented. “It’s a community like none other. We have a lot of fun together, and winning and losing together is just an experience I know I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Sean Price, senior, said. The team hopes to win Marmonte League again, as well as make it past the second round of CIF, where they lost last year. MJ Proudfit/Pawprint


Cooper Smith, sophomore, rushes down the field as they play a game against Santa Monica High School. Evan Milhaupt, senior captain, believes that the team will have a great season, especially if they work more on their camaraderie. “It wasn’t a supportive environment (last year), and so if we could work on that and become better as a team and work together then we’d go really far this year,” Milhaupt said. Last year as part of their team bonding, the lacrosse team did a hot yoga session together. Milhaupt hopes to have more events like this. Ramya Ukkan/Pawprint


Dhilan Patel, freshman, tosses a ball up to serve during practice, working on his skills for the upcoming season. According to Regnar Madarang, senior, who has been on the team for four years, tennis is all about practice. “You just got to get used to hitting the ball over and over and over again until it becomes second nature to you,” Madarang said. After winning Marmonte League last year, the team hopes to defend their title and bring home another win for NPHS. Sarah Lu/Prowler


Cory Carillo, senior, throws a fastball at a batter from Royal High School during Newbury’s first home game this season. Carillo’s favorite part of softball is “stepping onto the mound. You kind of have the game in your hands… I’m always about challenging myself. Being a pitcher, you face so many challenges, and I think that’s also a really good life lesson.” Carillo hopes that the team can win CIF again, as well as go to the state championships. Rahul D’Souza/Prowler

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