NPHS clubs set goals for the new year

New year’s resolutions are a way for people to promote self growth, hoping to change themselves for the better throughout the course of the year. Because this past year has been especially difficult, keeping goals for the upcoming year to better oneself seem especially important. These goals provide something to focus on and work towards even in these chaotic times.This year, NPHS clubs decided to make goals for their groups for the new semester.

Theatre/Drama Club: “Our resolution is to stay united as a community despite the challenge of being online.”

Wings to Grow: “This past year has been extremely challenging for everyone, coming into the new year, we’d like to send our love to children in need. Our goal is to spread smiles as well as encouraging the kids to spread their wings into fun activities. We also hope to get more members and continue to grow our enthusiasm for supporting the foster children in our community.”

Girl Up: “Girl Up’s new year’s resolutions are to be more open and interactive with students, to raise awareness about important global issues like mental health and sexual assault and to help NPHS become a more inclusive school.”

Latinos Unidos: “Our club’s resolution is to continue to be productive even in the circumstances we’re in.”

Habitat For Humanity: “This year we plan on doing as much as we can remotely. We are working very closely with Habitat of Ventura County to educate youth about the housing crisis in California.

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