Obituary: The Fallen Heros of NPHS

Standing by while a loved one is in pain is one of the worst feelings a person can experience. Now, imagine that your phone, your complicit conspirator, trustworthy confidant and pseudo-child fell, victim to serious physical harm. Devastating. It is a hostile world out there, and while sticks and stones may break your bones, stones crack your phone screen. I wished to remember these fallen heroes and how their owners persevered through such trying times.  


Crack! Emily Adams, senior, mourningly presenting her broken phone to Prowler photographers, explained how her handset became an omen of sadness and regret. “I dropped it while I was walking out of the office. I had just found out that I have to take IB Chinese,” she said.”It was not a good day.” 


Shattered! Jason Lu, senior, shows Prowler staff the damage his iPhone SE shouldered from an unfortunate visit to the bathroom. “It fell on its face right on the tile and cracked.” he said. 


Michael Filgas, freshman, mourns the injuries sustained by his iPhone 6. “I was riding my bike from something, and I was wearing shorts and the pockets were just really loose,” he said. “My phone fell out of my pocket and it slid, like, a good couple yards on the sidewalk.”


Candy Oller, 10th grade, fractured her handset during a tragic walk over the freeway. “My friend dropped it when she was taking a picture,” she said. “We were walking to Target, she pulled it out of my pocket and it fell.”


Kareem Jamal Adeem, sophomore, damaged his phone under seemingly normal circumstances, “I was walking to my friends house and I put it up to my ear and it cracked,” he said. He thinks that there was a small fracture beforehand, but how this cross-screen fracture came to be is still a mystery. “I can’t really explain it,” he said.


Photos by James Pratt