Omicron variant surges in United States

The original COVID-19 virus strand has spread across the world wreaking havoc on the places it travels to. It has been over two years since the birth of the virus and although there is a vaccine for the COVID-19, new variants have emerged, increasing problems for all healthcare workers.

Several variants of COVID-19 have emerged in the past year, the most notable being the Omicron variant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines that although the Omicron variant is a strand of the COVID-19 virus, many properties belong solely to the Omicron variant. This variant spreads faster than the original strand and it is possible for the variant to spread to vaccinated individuals with no symptoms..

The CDC has also spoken out about the fact that further testing needs to be done to determine the severity of the Omicron variant. However, they have confirmed that current vaccines are built to protect against severe symptoms that may come with the variant. However, they have spoken in favor of modern vaccines and how current vaccines were built to prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization. The CDC has noted that the only two doses of either Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines provide much less protection to the variant than with the booster dose of either Pfizer or Moderna. All three vaccinations are encouraged by the CDC.

To combat the virus and its variants whilst also preserving the well being of the public, the CDC has shortened the days needed to quarantine for all vaccinated individuals. The CDC states that a vaccinated individual who is six months out from their second dose of the vaccine must quarantine for only five days with an additional five days with a well-fitted mask. If quarantining is not possible, they must wear a mask for ten days and a COVID-19 test after the quarantine is recommended. Those who have received the booster shot must wear a mask for five days when in public and quarantining is not necessary. Complying with guidelines whilst being infected as well as getting vaccinated is the only way that healthcare workers believe will stop the spread of the virus.