People ought to be more cautious with technology

Technology. The safest tool to humans, right? Nope, more like one of the most powerful tools that invades everyone’s privacy.

Everyday, many people get their identity stolen, and technology is a major facilitator. Through online websites, games or any software where personal information is inputted, the information is at risk of being stolen. From IP addresses to credit card information, everything is gathered through the internet, even when people think that the information will be secured.

Technology benefits people, no doubt. Whether it be with discovering new things through the web, looking for recipes to cook the following night or even just playing a few games to bring some joy to the day, it is beneficial. However, is losing important information worth it?

In order to prevent information from being stolen, everyone would have to stop using the internet, but that is an unrealistic scenario in today’s society. Instead, they should be more protective of their personal information.

For example, many social media accounts have an option for two-factor authentication, which sends an email or a text message with a code when trying to log on. This can prevent many from being hacked and from risking their privacy. While many other websites may not have the same feature, passwords should be kept a bit longer. This way, there is a lower chance of hackers breaching personal information quickly.

Technology is a major part of people’s privacy and at times, their privacy can be breached. According to a study from DXC Technology, there has been an average of 596 million data breaches. As a whole, people should be more careful of what is shared online and how secure their account is so they don’t face what numerous people do, the paranoia of being watched and knowing that their address is known to someone who they don’t know.

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