Proposal to dissolve maintenance positions presented

A new district policy to dissolve district maintenance departments at the high schools was presented at the last school board meeting. The proposal will be voted on at the June 5 meeting. This move would align the high school maintenance process with the middle and elementary school.

“(This system) works on the middle school and elementary schools already, so the proposal is kind of like (doing) a lot of the same things they’re doing there to kind of maximize the resources we can have,” Steve Lepire, principal, said.

The proposal would change the way all the maintenance operates, excluding the custodial staff, which remains unaffected. “(Other than the custodians), we would have a dedicated maintenance person, one person that would be here all the time and one groundsperson that would be here to do the day to day stuff,” Lepire said. The rest of the work– including larger projects and ones that do not require as much immediacy– would be sent out to the district maintenance operations.

Lepire does not believe the quality of maintenance service on campus would be changed at all if the proposal was passed. “I don’t think (students) would notice the difference,” he said, “I don’t think things will change in the sense of level of service or anything but obviously you don’t know until we know, and have an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of it.”

Lepire is unaware of any changes that would occur in terms of employment.