Senior activities culminate the school year


Prom is a once in a lifetime high school event that many students have been anticipating for since a young age. Held at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, upperclassmen had the pleasure to eat, dance and view the prom court winners. Along with Sunshine Roth and Carter Kawaguchi, seniors, Michael Flaherty, senior, were elected on prom royalty. “It was just a great feeling. And it kind of just feels like all my work paid off through the past four years,” Flaherty said. ”For me, [winning prom king] was probably one of the most memorable experiences.” Since 2004, Lorena Caulfield, teacher and senior class advisor, has been planning prom and is ready to host a great event in two years. “My favorite part is watching the kids walk in and have a great time. Once the students get there, it is amazing to watch how they go from different areas,” Caulfield said.

Senior Celebration!- Senior class advisor Lorena Caulfield hopes for a fun and successful night. “All the prom sites we use all have different areas that you can roam around, whether it’s the dance floor, [or] a quiet area with lounge chairs,” Caulfield said. Richard Bateman/With Permission


Senior Picnic

Pulling off Senior Picnic was a feat to say the least. After months of planning and secret keeping, it was revealed that this year’s senior picnic would take place at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. During this picnic, seniors took the day off school to hang out with friends and engage in activities such as corn hole and swimming. Carly Adams, assistant principal of activities, worked tirelessly to make the senior picnic a memorable event. “Generally we try to choose a location that allows them to have some of those summer fun vibes like pool or some sort of water games,” Adams said.


Senior Recognition

For students who have worked incredibly hard throughout their high school career, senior recognition night is a special ceremony where selected members of the class of 2022 will be recognized for their accomplishments and receive their regalia. David Cho, senior, was honored in numerous areas during the event. “It was definitely very validating to be recognized last night, but there are definitely times that I might have pushed myself too thin and maybe pushed myself harder than I should have,” Cho said. Cho will walk across the graduation stage adorned with a colorful collection of regalia, symbolizing the hard work he put in. “Pursue your passions and pursue your passions to the fullest extent that you can,” Cho said. Carly Adams has been working hard to help coordinate the event and watch it come together. “It’s fun to see all the students getting recognized for their accomplishments and some of them are pretty amazing accomplishments because some of them have been four years in the making or even just a high level, so it’s impressive,” Adams said. “I’m excited about this year because it’s in person and getting to see their families and see their kid get awarded for an award is really special.”


Senior Sunset

All good things must come to an end. Seniors said goodbye to their final year at NPHS at the senior sunset, the reciprocal event to the Senior Sunrise that took place at the beginning of the year. Thea Duc, senior and secretary on the senior class board, took part in planning the extensive events. Duc looked back at the beginning of the year’s sunrise. “It was just fun to have all four of us [senior officers] together, seeing what we just pulled off and it kind of gave us confidence. The confidence we needed to go into the rest of our senior year,” Duc said.

Day and Night- Senior class board member Thea Duc along with Michael Lindroth, Maddy Mekari, and Carter Kawaguchi plan for senior sunset. “I feel just very fortunate that we’re able to put them [senior activities] on and that COVID hasn’t stopped us,” Duc said. Carly Adams/With Permission