Spider man no way home exceeds expectations

Our fourth and final MCU film of 2021 does what we’ve wanted the MCU to do since the release of Avengers: Endgame: exceed expectations! I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to anyone that this is the best MCU product of the year, they truly went out with a bang and allow me to explain how.

As we all know from the trailer, Spider-Man’s identity is released to the world and he calls upon Doctor Strange to reverse it but Peter screws up the spell and now villains from other universes are unleashed into their universe. The story’s conflict is that Peter’s choices on what to do with the villains and how his decisions have consequences, just like the iconic line, “With great power comes great responsibility.” With all these characters it’s no wonder how it’s 2 hours and 28 minutes long and after seeing it I would absolutely classify it as an epic. Also, with such a huge story you need a capable lead and Tom Holland is at his absolute best as Spider-Man and as an actor, this really feels like his movie through and through, no overbearing Stark presence this time.

A big surprise to me was all those who returned and how well they were delivered. Willem Dafoe hasn’t aged a day in 30 years and (the Green Goblin being possibly his favorite role) he slips right back into character as if it hasn’t been 19 years since Spider-Man (2002), Alfred Molina is really great and confident as he plays a mood of his character of Doc-Ock while staying familiar and like himself, Jamie Foxx contends with Willem Dafoe for the most villainous presence, and others like Sandman and Lizard don’t get a whole lot of attention individually but they fulfill their purpose so I can’t complain about any of these villains, they were all done wonderfully.

Beyond the great stuff, not only did I enjoy the film and love it, but it got me to respect it. This film is gutsy, especially when it comes to the MCU formula that so many movies have done and this one says no to it.

Any nitpicks I have dip into spoilers so I won’t get into it but the great stuff outweighs the stuff that wasn’t as great by a country mile so I’m going to give Spider-Man: No Way Home a 9.7/10.