Stimulus checks distributed to Americans in need

On Dec. 21, Congress approved the COVID-19 relief bill that would give eligible citizens stimulus checks to help make up for unemployment across the country due to the pandemic. The bill consisted of $900 billion in order to provide $600 per person and any child dependents for all qualified Americans.

However, before the bill was passed, former Pres. Donald Trump announced that he wanted Congress to amend the bill to allow for $2,000 per check. Congress approved, but the bill was then vetoed at the House of Representatives. The veto stuck, and Trump signed the COVID-19 relief bill and the checks were authorized to be sent to the public. The IRS and Treasury Department stated that direct deposits would begin on Dec. 29 with mail out checks being shipped on Dec. 30.

This will be the second stimulus check approved and sent to citizens during the pandemic, with the first amounting to $1,200 per person and $500 per child dependent. While this is a “light in the dark” for many Americans, many are still waiting on their checks. The IRS has set Jan. 15 as the deadline for sending out the relief funds, and after this date, they cannot distribute any more checks. As of Jan. 22, some have gotten their stimulus funds that were sent directly from the IRS, while others have been sent their check but it is being filtered through their chosen money holding service.

Those who still haven’t received their relief funds are able to claim the money through tax credits on their 2020 tax returns. By doing this their money can be expected to arrive within two to three weeks.

Talks of a third stimulus check have also been up in the air with the inauguration of Pres. Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The third round of funds would give eligible Americans $1,400. However, this plan still needs to be approved and minor details still need to be released, so it could be weeks to months until distribution happens.

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