Student vs. Teacher


1.“www” is an abbreviation for what three-term word?

Answer: World Wide Web 

Ellis: World Wide Web

Grohs: World Wide Web



2. In Greek Mythology, what is the name of the goddess of the moon and hunt?

Answer: Artemis

Ellis: Werewolf 

Grohs: Artemis


It’s all Greek to me. 


3. Who wrote the original “Cinderella”? 

Answer: The Brothers Grimm

Ellis: Disney

Grohs: Grimm Brothers


This is quickly turning grimm for Ellis.


4. When was the first-ever soccer World Cup?

Answer: 1930

Ellis: 1932

Grohs: 1964


They shoot, they miss.


5. What type of animal is a Flemish giant?

Answer: Rabbit

Ellis: a dog from Belgium

Grohs: monkey


These answers are hare-larious.


6. Where did French Fries originate? 

Answer: Belgium

Ellis: Belgium

Grohs: Greece


Bon appetit!


7. Who named the Pacific Ocean?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan 

Ellis: Ferdinand Magellan

Grohs: Christopher Columbus


Ellis must have explored the sea of knowledge to get that right answer.


8. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s most recent album?

Answer: Midnights

Ellis:  “Mrs. Ellis help me”

Grohs: Midnights


Don’t worry Ellis, just “Shake it Off”


9. What gender of bees are worker bees?

Answer: Female

Ellis: Male

Grohs: Male


This question wasn’t easy-beezy.


10. What is the brightest star in Earth’s night sky?

Answer: Sirius

Ellis: The North star

Grohs: The North star


Surely you can’t be sirius.


Grohs wins 4-3!