Students in CASC make a difference in community

The California Association of Student Councils (CASC) brings together many enthusiastic students with diverse backgrounds. CASC helps to encourage and promote youth expression within the educational system and create a positive change within the community. 

What’s unique about CASC is the students who run it. Similar to many other leadership based clubs or organizations, CASC is completely student-run. They are the people who work behind the scenes and make the magic happen. 

Eliana Morris, junior, feels strongly that a student-led club truly makes the difference. “This allows students to see that they themselves have the ability to create change without the guidance of adults,” Morris said. “This ties into CASC’s goal as an organization to empower students by fostering self esteem and allow them to see the change they can make.” 

Not only does CASC allow students to see their true capabilities, but it also creates a more comfortable environment since it is completely student-led. “This allows every student an opportunity to take charge and become empowered especially because you know you’re in a safe environment,” said Erin Tak, junior. 

CASC also has an interesting effect on students by showing them what they’re truly capable of even as teenagers. David Cho, junior, believes CASC amplifies the voices of students by giving them an outlet for advocacy. 

Cho became an Outreach Director for Region 7 because of CASC. “It puts [students] in front of people who can make change, such as state legislators, and gives them the opportunity to take hold of their education and mold it into a system they want to see.” 

CASC gives students opportunities they would not normally come across and provides them with the necessary abilities to make a change. “It helps the school through the programs we offer such as SABE where students are able to create and voice recommendations to the California State Board of Education,” Tak said. 

CASC helped these students realize what they are capable of even as teenagers. The power is within the students. “CASC has completely changed my thought process,” Morris said. “Even as students, we have the power to create positive change.”

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