Summer To-Do List: LA Edition


  • Twilight concerts: Every Thursday from 7-10pm, free concerts and featured musical artists from all different types of genres take place at the Santa Monica Pier. There are some big-name headliners performing, so make sure to RSVP online now.
  • Find the next big street art photo-op: We’ve all seen the infamous pink wall and angel wings pictures. This is a direct challenge to you, my reader, to find the next big, aesthetically pleasing street art to Instagram when you take a trip to LA. Drive around the city and scope out the sights, or look up street art locations online for some extra help.
  • Get ramen in Little Tokyo: Little Tokyo is an underrated section of Downtown Los Angeles that has a lot of interesting things to boast of, including their amazing ramen. With many unique restaurants to chose from that cater specifically to your ramen needs, you will not leave Little Tokyo disappointed or hungry.
  • Hollywood forever cemetery movies: Throughout the summer, classic movies will be playing during various nights on a large outdoor screen at the iconic Hollywood cemetery in Hollywood. Tickets sell out fast, so book yours today
  • Dine at the Original Pantry Cafe: Check out the Original Pantry Cafe in Downtown LA, a swanky, old-fashioned diner that has been open 24/7 since 1924. Although the food is common diner fare, the unique aspect to the joint is how it has never been without at least one customer inside during all of its years open.
  • Explore the PCH: If you’re afraid of the ocean like me but still want to be active in a fun, summer-esque way, walk, bike or run the route of the canyons leading to the PCH, or just explore the PCH itself! Make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen.
  • Fallen fruit maps: This is kind of a quirky thing, but think of it as a delicious treasure hunt. By searching “LA Fallen Fruit Maps”, you can find maps to fruit trees that are on public property in LA, allowing you to pick the fruit for a yummy snack.
  • Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater: One of the last standing marionette theaters, this gem has been open since 1963 and has shows every week in the morning or afternoon. It’s a perfect, albeit a little creepy, indoor activity for hot days.
  • Farmer’s markets: There are so many fun farmer’s markets all around us, from our little Newbury Park haven to Los Angeles to Ventura. My personal favorite one is in Studio City, and is open each Sunday. Every farmer’s market has a specific day and time they’re open, so check online to see when yours will be.
  • Bookstore cruise: Los Angeles has a good collection of the dying art of bookstores. Treat these gems as if they’re museums, because someday they might be. Search for “Los Angeles bookstores” online, compile a list of the most interesting looking ones, and spend a day exploring and traveling to all of them. Maybe you’ll even find a great summer read or that one book that could change your life. Coffee is recommended.



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