The upcoming year entertains

The movie scene certainly does not look dry for 2020. A live-action version of “Mulan” will be released on March 27, a fresh twist to a movie that we all saw dozens of times in middle school. We can expect some high-profile superhero movies this year with “Birds of Prey,” starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and “Wonder Woman 1984,” featuring the popular Gal Gadot. 2019 was a pretty disappointing year for the horror genre, as seen with flops such as “IT Chapter Two.” In 2020, sequels to the “A Quiet Place” and “The Conjuring” series will be released, as well as several other originals.

In the sports realm, the biggest event of the year will be the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Unfortunately, American hero Michael Phelps will not be getting in the swimming pool this year, but there are still plenty of athletes to look forward to. Additionally, five new events have been added to the competition, including karate and surfing. 

Social media has become the main leisure (and time-wasting) activity for our generation. Coming out of 2019, one platform in particular has surged in popularity: TikTok. As controversial as it is, it cannot be denied how many people use the lip-syncing app now. Instagram will continue to be a dominant social media force, but Snapchat is expected to fizzle out due to its lack of innovation and new functionality.

2020 features a wide variety of events that we can look forward to. It is clear that this year offers something for everyone. But if you are not interested in any of the things listed above, don’t sweat; the 2020 election is coming up, which should provide enough entertainment to get through the year.

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