Trump represents inhumanity, not the GOP

This country has an obvious division between the two major political parties: the Republicans and Democrats. Each side has their own beliefs that should be respected, that is only if their beliefs are moral. 

The 2020 elections have shown people’s true colors within a heartbeat. This election is not about political parties, it is about what is morally right in this country. Just because one voted for Biden does not mean that they are Democratic. It could mean that they truly have morals. Trump has again and again displayed acts of racism and homophobia against minorities in America, such as the travel ban he implemented, him separating children and parents at the border of America and Mexico and his transphobic remarks toward people in the military. Voting for Trump practically means that they agree with those ideals because they are not doing anything to call for change and action. Supporting someone who displays these acts shows how America is falling apart. People need to unite together and not tear each other down. 

On social media platforms, such as Instagram, there were often stories of people saying, “If you vote for Trump, you are my friend, and if you vote for Biden, you are my friend.” This shows the amount of privilege these people have. People, especially white folks, who post things related to this matter show that they do not have to deal with being discriminated against. They do not have to face the harsh reality of what struggle is like for the minorities in America. There’s a huge difference of being friends with a Republican versus being friends with someone who supported Trump, and people need to come to a certain level of understanding that Trump was not the best candidate.

That does not mean that Biden would be the perfect president. Biden has also done shady stuff in the past. For instance, in 1994, Biden contributed in passing the crime law that led to more people of color being incarcerated. Though within due time, Biden has acknowledged that his past actions were in the wrong. That is where the term “Settle for Biden” comes into play. It’s about the lesser of the two evils. Yes, Biden is campaigning to raise taxes of the rich and wealthy who make over $400,000 a year. Those who are wealthy may be upset about their taxes, but taxes are incomparable to the racial injustices people of color have dealt with under Trump’s administration. 

There is a huge difference between being a Republican and supporting Trump. Siding with Trump means that one is not close to supporting basic human rights, and instead is supporting a fascist. Being a Republican means that one can understand and grasp these rights, but just have a different political agenda in comparison to Democrats. Calling out someone for voting Trump is completely different than slandering someone for being a Republican, because it is a difference between what is morally right for this country.

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