Unity to Spark Change delivers a message

Unity to Spark Change is an organization that helps the community by partnering with the Ventura County Police Department to donate to those in need throughout the county. Mike Wing, founder, was inspired to start the organization as a way to unite people to help the less fortunate locally. “We came together to show we are a community of one.” Wing said.

Kasey Sirody is a part of the Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. She knew she wanted to take part of Unity to Spark Change as soon as Wing reached out to her and explained his idea. Since the pandemic started, Unity to Spark Change shifted its focus to start helping those who have been affected by COVID-19. “We wanted to help organizations, our first reach out was to an organization who might be serving community members who are most affected by COVID-19. Whether [it was] through lost jobs, lost work [or] loss of home,” Sirody said. 

Unity to Spark Change also teams up with several non-profit organizations to give help where it is most needed. Harbor House is among these non-profits: their mission is to raise awareness for the large homeless population while providing meals and services to those who most need it. Denise Cortes, the executive director of Harbor House, was thrilled to work with Unity to Spark Change. “I thought it was a wonderful idea, we are interested in working with anyone that wants to partner with us… to raise opportunity and possibilities for those that are struggling,” Cortes explained.

There are several ways to get involved with Unity to Spark Change, including donating through their website, unitytosparkchange.com, and purchasing off of their Amazon wishlist. Unity to Spark Change recently threw a COVID-friendly trunk-or-treat event for kids throughout Ventura. “We wanted to provide a COVID-safe solution in the middle of a pandemic, we wanted to give the children at least something to look forward to,” Wing said. 

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