Ventura County Fairgrounds light up the night

Although some classic Christmas activities like ice skating and holiday parties didn’t get to happen this year, CBF Productions, a California festival production company, held a new, COVID-19 friendly event for the holidays. From Nov. 22 until Jan. 2, the same company that began the “Concerts in Your Car” events started a drive through light show called “Holidays in Your Car.” During this 45-minute event, you are able to drive your car through the Ventura County Fairgrounds and see light displays of penguins, presents, polar bears and much more. CBF Productions is also holding this event on the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, both events following the CDC guidelines for the safety of their customers.  

As you enter the fairgrounds, you will be directed through a lit path following many other cars as you view indoor and outdoor scenes such as an elf workshop, the story of the three pigs and the big bad wolf, and even Christmas trees made out of soup cans, sponsored by Food Share of Ventura County. Some pictures formed by the lights can be hard to tell, so it’s always fun to guess what the scene is. The event also offers a radio station in which you can tune in and listen to holiday music during your ride. Some of the light scenes have some animation as well, such as the big bad wolf blowing down a house, but the majority of lights come from still pictures.

The only major downside of the event was the price, as tickets cost $75 per car. Although the event was enjoyable, it was not worth spending that much money for. With all the sponsorship ads and lack of animations, some of the joy of viewing Christmas lights was somewhat deterred. Despite a desire for a more appropriate pricing for the event, “Holidays in your Car” is definitely a fun event to do with your family during these crazy times.

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