What to do the weekend after finals

If you’re anything like me, the buildup to finals is matched in terribleness only by the crushing, empty feeling afterwards. You know, the limbo between Friday and whenever grades are due (even though you can’t see them on Zangle Q) when, without anything to study for, you are waiting anxiously to be informed about whether or not you passed Mr. Kim’s class.

In the spirit of taking your mind off of that borderline grade, I’ve created a list of things to do on the weekend after finals:

  1. Have a bonfire. Not sure what to use for tinder? Those now-irrelevant notes on U.S. government should work nicely. Roast marshmallows over them and revel in the fact that never again will you have to memorize an essay for Mr. Fab.
  2. Paint your nails. Do this early on in the weekend, as it will prevent you from biting them all off.
  3. Make paper-mâchè worthy of Pinterest. Why not connect with your inner child? Plus, if you didn’t use all your notes for your bonfire, you have the perfect media. Maybe your artwork can also double as a meaningful gift for your teacher. Also, if you do fail out of high school, you can always fall back on being an artist, right?
  4. Build a pillow fort – as always, this will protect you from the evils of the world.
  5. Don’t panic – honestly. In five years, you won’t even remember a two-point difference in grading.

I’ve always been an impatient person, and I know waiting is never fun. But at this point, there is nothing for you to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy those marshmallows.