What’s Trending This September?

  1. Let’s all make fun of Donald Trump together! I’m not going to disclose my opinion on politics here in writing (although we all do it so much on Twitter, and is this really so different?), but it’s obvious that Donald Trump is a huge contender in the 2016 race. The biggest reason why? From what I can gather, it’s because we all enjoy making jokes at his expense so much that we’re accidently putting more power in his political shoes. From his “corn-like” hair to his often obscene and offensive ways of making a point, it’s almost impossible to scroll down your timeline and not see at least one tweet regarding Trump. But while this may seem harmless, the more jokes we make, the more attention we give to Trump, and the more people will vote for him because of the amount of times they’ve seen his name. Express your political thoughts and ideas, by all means, but always think twice before tweeting.
  2. Denim is back in. Yes, I am always a big supporter of dresses and skirts, but it’s time to put your go-to’s back in the closet as autumn approaches. This season denim is going to be out-of-control, and if you’re willing to part with (or at least step slightly back from) your favorite, everyday jeggings or skinny jeans, all the better. If you’re willing to try something new, I suggest investing in cheap, loose jeans (check out thrift stores for exceptionally good deals and endless possibilities) that you wouldn’t mind cutting holes in for an extra rugged look. Also, black skinny’s are life-savers for any look, as they can easily go from elegant and polished to an I-could-care-less vibe depending on how you choose to dress them up. Don’t limit yourself just to denim pants, though; jean jackets were made to add an extra layer of love to your wardrobe, and should be especially appreciated as the weather (hopefully) gets colder, when they can be thrown on with any outfit to add a five-second flair. To make an extra bold statement, find patches you won’t get easily bored of, sew them onto your jacket or jeans, and rock it.
  3. Who let the art out of the Renaissance? I love the artists and art enthusiasts who have always been into the art scene, but let’s be honest: Most of us are just entering the realm of museums that provide us with both pretty pictures for our viewing pleasure and pretty pictures for our Instagrams. Whether or not you’re uber passionate about Van Gogh, here are my suggestions for which museums to check out (and which aren’t worth your time) if you end up in Los Angeles anytime soon.
    • The Getty Center: If you’re into classical art work, this is your place, since it’s chock-full of paintings, antiques, manuscripts and more from historical art periods and famous artists. It also boasts breathtaking views, lovely gardens, and aesthetically-pleasing white walls to take nice pictures of yourself against, if you’re into that sort of thing. But, it doesn’t host much contemporary or modern artwork, which can be a disappointment, and parking is pricey. The Getty Villa, it’s sister museum, features mainly Greek and Roman pieces, is right off the PCH near Santa Monica, and is definitely worth checking out at least once due to its little-advertised but spectacular beauty.
    • Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Better known as LACMA, this is the place where people go to take pictures with the iconic lamp posts outside of the museum. Depending on which exhibits you visit and which are open, LACMA can either be very interesting or pretty boring, but at least admission is free for those under 18. Because they carry a huge variety of different genres and mediums of art, you’re bound to find something you enjoy, even if nothing else draws your attention.
    • The Museum of Contemporary Art: Although there are four different locations in Los Angeles for this one museum, I have only visited the one on Grand Avenue, and it was probably my favorite museum I’ve been to so far. It features primarily works of abstract and contemporary art, has a reading room with an impressive collection of art books, and is free on Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m.My only complaint is that it’s a much smaller museum than expected, but I guess that’s understandable since it’s divided into four museums. Nevertheless, definitely pay a visit to MOCA if you’re interested in more modern pieces that challenge your brain and understanding of human nature.
    • The Annenberg Space for Photography: For those who are mainly infatuated with photography’s art form, the Annenberg Space for Photography is the place for you. Although it’s small, the photos on display are inspiring and thought-provoking, and until Sept. 20, they are showing a truly amazing documentary about the journey different photographers take through their work. Best of all, admission is always free.

That’s all for now. See you next month!


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