Wildcats strike again: High School Musical cast hosts a reunion

“What team?” “Wildcats!” This and other popular catchphrases originated from “High School Musical”, the Disney Channel cult classic that first graced the television screen over a decade ago. On Jan. 20, the cast hosted a live broadcasted reunion at the film location of East High to reminisce their experience by reacting to audition tapes and to talk about how the experience affected their lives. Zac Efron, who starred as Troy Bolton in the series, was not present due to filming for another movie but left a pre-recorded message for fans stating he was sorry for missing the event but still participated by explaining his favorite memory. In preparation for the screening, #HSM10 became the top twitter trend of the day.

With over 7.7 million views on its premiere date and the first-ever TV movie soundtrack to reach #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart for its first film, “High School Musical” grew into a movie trio popular for both its acting and its music. Due to its relatable content about high school experiences while still being appropriate for younger audiences, HSM was favored and still prevails among a wide age category.