Choir celebrates the year at their final concert

Marking the end of an eventful year, choir performed their final concert on May 25 and 26. Women’s Ensemble, Advanced Women’s Ensemble, Concert Choir, Chamber, and Men’s Choir all showed off their vocal talents in the performance.

Lexie Collins, sophomore, sings her heart out with the Advanced Women’s Ensemble. Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

From left to right, Shelby Scholle, sophomore, Paige Duncan, sophomore, Hope Stephens, junior, Lexie Collins, sophomore, Celina Kott, sophomore, Jenna Shechter, junior, Brooke Merril, sophomore, and Allison Martinez, sophomore, harmonize during the Advanced Women’s Ensemble performance. Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Chamber singers Sierra Watson, senior, Megan Morales, junior, Alisha Patel, junior, and Brenda Herron, junior, let emotion flow through their voices during their performance. Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Colin Grumney, senior, takes the mike, singing Pentatonix’s “Can’t Sleep Love” with the rest of the Chamber singers. Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Advanced Women’s Ensemble singers Savanah Thunell, junior, Maddie Kasper, junior, Shelby Scholle, sophomore, Paige Duncan, sophomore, Remy Campbell, sophomore, and Hope Stephen, junior, clap along to “We Are Family.” Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Genevieve Rista, junior, Ashley Mansour, junior, and Shira Goldstein, sophomore, join the alto singers during the Concert Choir performance. Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Sierra Watson, senior, performs her final solo piece at NPHS, singing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements.” Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Carlos Idea and Colin Grumney, seniors, dress up for their performance of “Washington On Your Side,” a song from the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Men’s Choir snaps and sings along to “In the Still of the Night.” Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

Greg Chapple, senior, dresses as King George III while singing “You’ll Be Back” from the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” Caitlin Henderson/Prowler

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