Spring renews body and soul

Out in nature, spring is a time of birth. Animals take their first wobbly steps and plants blossom with brightly pigmented flowers. It has been regarded as a season of renewal since the ages of Greek mythology, when Persephone, goddess of spring, emerges from a long winter in the underworld. Spring is the season of massive wildflower blooms, rainstorms that flood the creeks, but also for high school students, AP testing and final exams.

Although it seldom snows in Southern California, the arrival of spring brings reprieve from the rainy, gloomy months of winter. The season before summer, it is a time where the weather changes for more favorable sunshine and balmy temperatures. As a segue into summer, spring weather fuels desires to be off on a tropical vacation or simply on the beach in Malibu.

It can be difficult to recognize the beauty of this season when we are occupied studying for tests that we believe mean everything in terms of our future. High school students especially are very focused on their grades and sports, as seasons and marking periods wrap up. With these distractions, it can be difficult to recognize the beauty of this season, yet it is vital for maintaining morale through these stressful times.

Spring can be used as a fresh start, a chance to spring clean not only your belongings but your life. Organization can provide much needed relief from stress and a sense of calm in newfound order. Leaving time in busy schedules for joysparking activities brings comfort during stressful times. Purging closets and shelves of clothing and books no longer used offer the opportunity to reevaluate the things that we own.

Rebirth also means new experiences and opening up to try something different, whether that be focusing on a hobby or a new sport. As the flowers bloom and trees create new leaves, you too can begin anew with the season.

Despite the restlessness that comes with the months leading to summer, the beauty of spring can inspire new activities and awaken inner intentions, just as it does in nature.