Club Day allows student to explore their interests

On one of the windiest days of the month, clubs persevered in selling multiple foods and promoting their clubs.

NPHS held an event called Club Day on Oct.19 exposing the students to the many clubs on campus and allowing them to buy multiple types of food to help the clubs raise money.

Amiya Prasad, senior and vice president of competitions for Technology Student Association (TSA), was selling Chinese food including orange chicken and chow mein. “Our goal for club day was to just raise some money, so we could potentially go to sectionals this year or just help with next year’s club,” Prasad said. Club Day was very successful for TSA seeing as they made around $250 this year.

Aaron Fang, senior and vice president of Science Olympiad, was selling Thai food including pad Thai and fried rice. “Our goal is to definitely spread awareness for Science Olympiad and what we do as a club, which is to promote science education, especially through (a) competitive science test at Antelope Valley College,” Fang said. Though they experienced some cancellations with food decisions on previous years, Science Olympiad was happy to be selling Thai food this year.

Sarah Castro, senior and co-president of Latinos Unidos, sold Mexican fruit cups and horchata in order to support their club. “I think Club Day is a great addition to our school because without it we would have (to) advocate super super hard. And this is just a great way for people to walk around the quad, eat some great food, and see all the clubs that they can join,” Castro said.

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