Early Christmas spirit

It’s a regular morning in November as I get in my car before school. I turn on the radio and flip through stations until a song I like is on. I continue to switch until Christmas songs fill my car with their jingle bells and holiday spirit. I am content with the song and decide to drive to school.
Given that Christmas is more than a month away, it has been debated whether or not Christmas songs should be played. Some argue that the songs bring them joy and those who don’t want to listen do not have to. And there are people with their boring personalities who shun the idea of a holiday spirit coming earlier than expected. They believe the holiday music should play accordingly within a couple weeks to Christmas. But these people need to understand, there are radio stations that play Christmas music as early as October, but you do not have to listen to them! They are simply there for those who enjoy listening to it earlier, a reason why there are hundreds of other stations to choose from. Your rock, pop and other music is still playing for you to enjoy!

The Christmas music can bring joy to others and remind them of happy memories they have shared during the holidays with others. Many use it to bring up their mood with the joyful tunes the music brings. Their reasons for listening does not involve those who disagree with it. Those who would much rather wait until the remaining weeks until Christmas can gladly wait, but don’t make those who want to feel happy, earlier than normal, wait too.

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