Jack Muir scales up his audience

His videos can be found on PTV, or even on YouTube. But regardless of where they are found, Jack Muir’s skills as a video producer are indisputable.

Muir, senior, began making videos in the fourth grade, dabbling around here and there with his friends. Everything changed, however, when he took the digital video production class at NPHS. Now, with his clips broadcast to a large audience, Muir felt he had to step up his game. 

“I used my junior year to be creative and make all the videos that I wanted, which is where I found my passion for video production,” Muir said. 

In addition to his videos for PTV, Muir carries on his passion at home. When he edits the videos, which he says is his favorite part, Muir stitches together all the various parts into a coherent story.

“Some of my favorite projects are the video I made for the Panther Pit on the Panther Pit Instagram, the basketball highlight edits I made for my friends, and the Panther TV story on Drew Magnante,” Muir said. 

He applies the knowledge he learned in class, as well as his practical knowledge that he learned himself, to improve his videos. A fan-favorite, “A Day in the Life of Nikhil Patel,” available to watch on YouTube, exemplified his skills and dedication, adding his own creativity to the video, while still keeping a professional look.

“Jack has an extremely strong work ethic, as he often stays up late at night in the studio, editing and working on his films,” Dean Magnante, senior, said.

Magnante believes that the video about Nikhil Patel was “legendary,” expressing his own disbelief at Muir’s skills as he talked about them. Having been friends with Muir and Patel for many years, Magnante could fully appreciate the masterpiece that unfolded before him. He followed the journey from conception to publication.

“I think he has made so much progress since that video and I cannot wait to see what’s next. He really is a beast when it comes to making videos,” Patel said. 

As the star for many of Muir’s productions, Patel can directly attest to his skill, dedication and passion. “Once he gets started on something nobody can make him stop until the task is done. I’ve known him for about 6 years and he does not like to quit,” Patel said.

Muir’s dedication to video production is no easy task, however, and requires a lot of his time. After the successes of rap sensation, “Lil J”, earlier this year, many fans have been demanding new music, but Muir has put his up-and-coming rap career on hold for his video productions.

“I promise that I will come back soon and better than ever. Maybe a sick music video will come out soon too,” Muir said. 

The fans are waiting, Lil J. The fans will be waiting.

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