Prepare for the future: Internship vs. Job

If you have free time after school or looking for something to do over summer, look no further. Instead of sitting at home all day, try getting an internship or a job. If you can’t decide between the two, here’s the benefits of each side:


Why you should get a job:

Consider applying for a job for direct action: service, managing phone calls, tutoring and such. Introduction jobs, such as working in the service or retail industry, are great for your resume and will make it easier to get a higher level job in the future. Employers can also write a letter of recommendation or be references of character for another job or college.

Most importantly, jobs will provide you a regular supply of money–unlike an unpaid internship–to save for college, a car or to financially support family. Divvying up paychecks between wants and needs will also help you develop money management skills. While internships are often temporary, some jobs are long term. You can continue working at the same spot throughout high school and over summers, which will offer a sense of stability. Job security can also lead to promotions or pay raises, providing you more responsibility.

If you are looking to do more hands on jobs in the future, such as one in the service or  technical industry, it is a better idea to apply for a job rather than an internship. An internship at the city’s parks and recreation department will not help you become a cashier. Instead, directly apply to become a cashier.

Why you should get an internship:

If you’re looking for a job where you can experience academic, life, and social skills which can be applied to future endeavours and college, internships might be a better match for you. Internships focus more on the general skill sets applied to a certain position in order to help you gain more experience in a specific internship. These skills learned within internships spread farther than the basic skills within jobs, helping the advancement for future careers, college applications and majors; they show intent and dedication in career.

Although jobs are known for being full time and paid, if you find the right position, internships can also be paid as well. Working at an internship can also help you land a full-time job once you work there long enough and show your efficient work.

But in general, either choice will give you more responsibility, time management skills, and interpersonal skills. Good luck!

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