Walnut Elementary provides volunteer opportunities to students

Walnut Elementary School began Lightshine Tutoring on Nov. 7 in hopes of providing support to students and their families, who need extra assistance with subjects such as writing, reading, math, and social studies.

The college and career center is encouraging high school students to join the program by providing an opportunity for volunteer hours and tutoring experience.

Eric Lindroth, photography teacher, believes those who are willing to work with the students will greatly benefit from gaining this experience.  

“There is a great need for the students chosen for this tutoring. They not only need

academic support, but also moral support. It is a great benefit the families of the Walnut

students as they need extra support as well,” Lindroth said. “I started out as a tutor and that lead me to be a teacher. Also, it is great on a college (application).”

Besides tutoring and volunteer hours,  there are other ways students can benefit from joining the program.

The Walnut students are entertaining to be around and they really look up to the high school students. There is a great feeling one gets when one knows he or she is helping

someone who genuinely needs it. Plus there are usually cookies or other treats for the

tutors and students,” Lindroth added.

Melody Rosales, sophomore, is looking forward to helping the students improve their relationship with their school work.

“Sometimes when I see my peers struggling and not wanting to try I just wish that someone took the time to show them that school isn’t just something you have to go to. It can be fun. I hope by making learning fun I’ll encourage others to want to learn on their own time as well,” Rosales said.

Anyone who is interested in further information should contact Mr. Lindroth at C24 or at elindroth@conejousd.org. The program is held from 2:30-3:45 p.m every Tuesday.

“Our tutors develop meaningful relationships with the students. I think, also, that the tutor may get as much out of the experience as the tutee because when we give freely of ourselves, we gain a greater connection to what it is to be a caring and kind human and, really, isn’t that what most of us live for,” Lindroth said.

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