A slightly shorter time ago in a galaxy far away…

The new Star Wars movie released on December 18 has since broken box office records and claimed the title of the number one film of all time in North America.

Rey and Finn, along with a group of rebels including Han Solo, rally to fight against the First Order, led by Supreme Leader Snoak and Kylo Ren. They are also searching for Luke Skywalker, after his disappearance sometime before the film takes place.

Overall, the film was fantastic. The acting was very impressive and the dialogue made the characters believable and compelling.

“The Force Awakens’” use of practical effects and sets brought the audience back to the original trilogy of Star Wars. The action scenes were also reminiscent of the original trilogies, linking the recent film with the older ones. J.J. Abrams did not disappoint with the spectacular space scenes, which felt fluid and natural.

The dialogue was a refreshing change from stagnant scripts in the prequels. The interplays between the characters were interesting and believable. And of course, despite the rumors, it was immeasurably relieving that the First Order was not ruled by the Dark Lord Jar Jar Binks. Another cool addition to the film were the cameos from Daniel Craig and Simon Pegg.

The worst offense of the movie was the recycled plotline from Episode IV, which lined up almost exactly with the new film. With so much time to write the movie, it was disappointing that Disney did not come up with anything new. It can only be hoped that this does not continue through the next few movies.

Also, the scenes on planet surfaces featured a very obvious greenscreen that could be seen as a line where it met with the floor.

Captain Phasma was built up to be a great character as the next Boba Fett, but in reality she did absolutely nothing and was a complete letdown. The overarching villain, Supreme Leader Snoak, did not inspire the sort of terror that he should have, mostly because his name seemed to belong in a cereal commercial.

Despite a few drawbacks, the movie was compelling, interesting, and a great addition to the Star Wars universe. We strongly recommend that you see it. And then see it again.

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