Baseball captain swings into action

Competition. Dedication. Drive. These are the three words Tyler Field, senior varsity baseball team captain, would use to describe the team’s season so far. While being named team captain is an honor, it comes with immense commitment and responsibility.

After finding his love for baseball at the age of seven, Field went on to play for the varsity team by his sophomore year. Field has experienced a variety of team atmospheres, so he understands when it is time to be serious or motivating on and off the field. “I do a good job with helping [teammates] out when they are in a low place, or even trying to set an example on the field,” Field said.

Following his graduation as a student and baseball player at Newbury Park High School, Curtis Scott became a college baseball coach. Now, he is a teacher at NPHS and coming up on 18 years as a coach for the school. As both a teacher and a coach, Scott enjoys watching his players improve and mature throughout the year. His goal is to teach players what it takes to get to the next level and pursue their passion.

Scott chose Field to lead the team to success as team captain because of his dedication and hard work on and off the field. It is important for the team captain to understand why they are chosen, “to let them know that [they] are selected for a reason because [their] beliefs are within our team philosophy,” Scott said. Field represents what coaches are looking for within a player and captain: “he is hardworking, coachable, listens and the other players follow his lead,” Scott said.

Every team wants to win it all. However, being a part of sport is more than the measurement of winning or losing. It is about how the players grow individually and as a team. “We’re making improvements and continually getting better [and] working hard even through the tough times. There are going to be rough spots in the season that you have to battle through,” Scott said. Even while facing hard times, players know they have the coach and the team captain there to support them and push them to reach their greatest potential.

After working with Field, Nathaniel Nunez, sophomore on the varsity baseball team, feels that he has been majorly influenced by Field’s abilities. “[Field] leads by example and always has positive words of encouragement,” Nunez said. Field has held an immense role in pushing the players, both mentally and physically, especially with his use of communication, integrity and motivation.
There is often pressure associated with such a big role like team captain, but Field puts the team’s needs before his own stress. “Everybody feels pressure, but it’s how you deal with that pressure that makes a big difference,” Field said.